Whether you are building a new facility, or upgrading / modifying an older asset we have experienced professionals to allow you to deliver your project on time and on budget. We make sure the right resources are available for you to deliver your project on schedule without incidents, and to the highest international standards. We are able to manage the many interfaces during capitol project execution to ensure that you get the plant operating the way you actually specified.



Process safety is a blend of engineering and management skills focused on preventing catastrophic accidents and near misses, particularly structural collapse, explosions, fires and toxic releases associated with loss of containment of energy or dangerous substances such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and petroleum products.

We provide a range of services in Process Safety including, Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessments, Human Factors Studies, Occupied Buildings Risk Assessments, Safe System of Work development, Occupational Hygiene Assessments, Independent Audits and Lenders Technical Advisors



We have extensive expertise in helping many of our clients in addressing their requirements to meet the safety case legislation to meet their MHI obligations. This covers initial gap analysis through to individual and societal risk quantification, ALARP demonstration. Our team are can help you to guide you through the most effective way to develop your safety case with subject matter experts as well supporting you in engaging with the regulators. We have developed comprehensive Safety Case for MHI Training that meets the MOM guidelines
specifically tailored for in-house training for operating companies.

Please approach us on how we can assist your process safety requirements.


Say goodbye to scheduling and conducting time consuming first round telephone, Skype or Face-to-Face interviews. Say hello to structured automated video responses to your own customised questions and tests which you can view and share when it suits. Sonru saves 80% early-stage screening costs, and overall recruitment costs are reduced by 50%. The recruitment cycle time is dramatically reduced to get your employees on board ahead of your competition.

Allow the recruiter to set the questions, based on your organisation’s role, competency and cultural fit criteria. Candidates log in to read and record their answers and are not online at the same time as the interviewer. Like a traditional interview, candidates cannot see the questions in advance. They cannot stop or pause the interview so cannot cheat. They respond to one question at a time and get one chance to answer each question allowing you to meet the best candidates earlier in the process, see their fit, personality, drive and motivation whilst saving time and money.

Please approach us on how we can assist your video interview requirements.


We offer sustainable solutions for back-up, disaster recovery and off-site replication based on Storagecraft’s Shadowprotect software. Ispahan Solutions represents Storagecraft in the Asiapac region. The goal is to help you recover systems and provide business continuity. Whether you are a small or large business, we have a disaster recovery solution for you.

Fast and reliable backup and recovery:
ShadowProtect allows you to create an exact backup of your system and data up to a frequency of every 15 minutes without slowing your servers. Recover critical data by simply viewing your backup and restoring the files and folders that you need in a virtual environment in the event of a crash. Save backups to any location either onsite or offsite. ShadowProtect is also used to back up offsite to the cloud.



We believe that by mentoring and developing both the current and the next generation of engineering professionals through a blend of formal and informal environments, we can help you achieve your goal of safe and sustainable operations. We have developed, and are continuing to develop, both tailored and off-the-shelf in-house training to meet your organisational needs. We also work with leading Iearning institutions (IHL’s) to develop and share with the community. Our courses available in-house include Safety Case for MHI (MOM approved), Project Engineering (taking the lead), Process Safety Management for Directors, HAZOP Introduction for participants and HAZOP Leadership Training. We are currently developing Human Factors for Hazardous Facilities training. To learn more, please contact so we can hear more of your learning and development needs.


It’s time for action. Sustainable development is probably the greatest global challenge we face today. There are solutions to reverse the effects of climate change, but we need to act fast to implement them. We have strategic partnerships with various technology providers that offer cutting edge solutions in waste to energy, water treatment as well as ballast water treatment.
We provide consulting in sustainable energy including Biogas, Waste to Energy Gasification and Cogeneration of Power and Heat, water generation, waste water treatment to ISO14001 support and QRA.
To learn more, please contact so we can hear more of your environmental consulting needs.


Great ideas are often great on paper, but turning them into practice is a very different challenge. We work closely with many technology providers and institutions of higher learning to provide mentors and business consultancy to help springboard these companies and technologies into the market place. We offer technical and business consultancy to a number of technologies in diverse fields including the Healthcare Sector, the Environmental Technology Sector, the Communications sector, the Water Sector and the alternative energy sector (biofuels and waste to energy).

To learn more, please contact so we can hear more of your technology and business needs.



Ispahan is very supportive of volunteerism to support the engineering and environmental professions, the local community as well as the region. Ispahan is very active in the IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers) running the national board in Singapore and chairing the recent HAZARDS 2016 conference in Singapore. Ispahan is active in IES (Institution of Engineers Singapore) where both directors of Ispahan are advisors to the national Chartered Engineer Board for Chemical Engineering. Ispahan is also actively engaged in the World Engineers Summit on Climate Change. Ispahan also ran a fundraiser for a street children’s centre in Cambodia and also looking for other areas where we can give back as well in areas of poverty, access to clean water and education.